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My Tiny Trash

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What is My Tiny Trash?

My Tiny Trash is a waste reduction initiative implemented by UT Recycling within offices on the UTK campus, in efforts to Make Orange Green.

Why do we have a My Tiny Trash initiative?

It is estimated that nearly 90% of waste generated within offices is recyclable or compostable. We are implementing My Tiny Trash in offices to promote waste awareness and environmental stewardship, in hopes of increasing recycling rates on campus, while decreasing landfill waste.

What should I put in My Tiny Trash bin?

You should place all non-recyclable materials in your Tiny Trash bin.  This includes candy wrappers, chip bags, foil, and straws. When full, you will be responsible for emptying your Tiny Trash into the grey landfill bin at waste stations throughout the building.

Where should I put my recyclable or compostable materials?

Your recyclable materials, including paper, plastic, glass bottles/jars, aluminum cans and steel cans, go in your blue desk side recycling bin. When it fills up, you will take and sort this bin into the blue and green bins at the waste stations. Your compostable materials (food scraps, napkins, etc) should be taken to the compost bin in the break room.

What other schools have similar Tiny Trash programs?

University of Tennessee, Knoxville is the first university in the SEC to implement a Tiny Trash program!

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