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Dumpster Schedule

UT Recycling offers recycling pickup services at a variety of buildings on campus! Find the letter that corresponds with the first letter of your building name, then select it to open the drop down menu.

Autoclaved Medical Waste – Every two weeks

Apt. Residence Hall – T

Allan Jones Aquatic Ctr – M

Art and Architecture – M/T/W/F

Austin Peay – M/T/W/Th/F

Auxiliary Services – W

Alumni Memorial Building – M/Th

Apartment Residence Hall – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su

Andy Holt Tower – M/W/F

Biosystems Engineering – M/Th

Black Cultural Center – Cancelled

Buehler/Dabney Hall – M/W/F

Business Incubator – Th

Boathouse – F

Clarence Brown Theatre – T/Th

Claxton/Bailey Complex – T/Th

Clement Hall – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su

Communications – C – M/T/W/Th/F

Carrick – Th

Cherokee Farm Animal Clinic  – On Call Only

Ceramics Annex – Th

Conference Center Building – M/Th

Dougherty Engineering – M/W/F

Dunford Hall – M/W/F

Estabrook Hall – M/F

Ellington Plant Sciences – Cancelled

ETREC Organic Crops Unit – W

ETREC Little River Dairy – T

Fred Brown –  – On Call Only

Fraternity Park-A1 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-A2 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-B1  – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park B2  – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-C1 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-C2 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-D1 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-D2 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fab Lab – T

Fraternity Park-K Phi Sigma Kapp – Cancelled

Football Complex – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su

Facilities Services – M/Th

Greve – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa

Gibbs Hall – Cancelled

Golf Facility (Athletic Department) – Th

Glazer Building – T

G-7 Parking Garage @ Recycling ctr – Cancelled


Humes Hall- E – M/W/F/Sa

Humes Hall-W – M/W/F/Sa

Holston Farm – M

Hess Hall – W

Hodges Library – M/T/W/Th/F/Su

Hoskins Library – T

International House – M/Th

Jessie Harris Building – M/W/F


Kappa Sigma Fraternity – Th

Kingston Pike Bldg. (Metron)-North – T/F

Kingston Pike Bldg. East – T/Th

Kappa Alpha Fraternity – W

Law College – M/W/F

LAF Cherokee Building A – M/F

LAF Vet School – M/Th

Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium – M

Laurel Residence Hall – F

Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium – On Call Only

McClung Tower/Humanities – M/T/W/F

Massey – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa

McClung Museum -T

McCord Hall – M/Th

Morgan Hall -T

Morrill Hall Dock – Cancelled

Morrill Hall – M/T/W/Th/F

Middlebrook Bldg – M

Neilsen Physics – M/Th

Neyland Gate 7 – On Call Only

Perkins Hall – T/Th

Printing & Publications – Su

Plant Biotech – M/W/F

Panhellenic – M

Plant Science Farm – W

Pasqua/Tickle – F

Presidential Court – F

Rec Sports Intramural Field -M ( Once every two weeks )

Racheff Greenhouse – F

Reese Hall-E – M/W/F/Sa

Reese Hall-W – M/W/F/Sa

Radiological Safety – On Call Only

South Greenhouse – T

Solar House – W

Steam Plant – Th

South College – M/W/F


Student Aquatic Center – W

Soccer and Softball Stadium – M

Student Health Clinic – M/W/F

Sorority A: DZ/KKG – M/W/F

Sorority B: PBP/ADP – M/W/F

Sorority C: SK/KD – M/W/F

Sorority F: DDD/CO – M/W/F

Sorority E: ZTA/PM – M/W/F

Sorority G: – M/W/F

Sorority D: AOP – M/W/F

Steam Plant Hill – On Call Only

Steam Plant Hill-ASBESTOS – On Call Only

Steam Plant Hill- Scrap metal – On Call Only

Steam Plant Hill- Wire Recycle – On Call Only

Steam Plant Fly Ash – Check daily – pull as needed

Steam Plant Bottom Ash – Check daily – pull as needed

Surplus – On Call Only


Transportation Services – F

TANDEC Bldg.- Cancelled

T-B Assembly Ctr & Arena – F

University Center – Th

UTVMC Main – Th

Volunteer Hall  – On Call Only

Volunteer Condos – Th

Welcome Center – M/Th

Walters Life Sciences – F

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